Rick’s Picks

In December 2013, I asked Rick Taylor to help create a list of recommended reading for Cardiac Rehab Alumni. I suggested we call this “Rick’s Picks”. He agreed to the concept but needed some convincing about the name. One week later, Rick passed away peacefully in his home. In memory of his commitment to Cardiac Rehab Alumni programs, and his support to dozens of Toronto Rehab program graduates, we offer “Rick’s Picks”, a compilation of his recommended reading list for patients and graduates of Cardiac Rehab programs.

Cheryl Miller, Project Lead, Heart Health for Life

rick“Some interesting reading to help you step into the e-patients reality, e for the “emotional state”, for strengthening one’s heart for life. This is why I believe the journey of a patient starts with their story, once they have the courage to enter a rehabilitation program… the degree in which the story is heard by caregivers (understood and felt), I believe has a direct correlation on the effectiveness of the Rehab program. The whole purpose of a Rehab program is to stimulate accountability, of these 4 parts: exercise, education, peer support and self-management. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Rick Taylor, Cardiac Rehab Alumni, Peer Support Leader, Advocate

Use the links below to find Rick’s Picks at your local Toronto Public Library.

stroke of insightwillful blindness3rd alternative
7 habits
3rd alternative
lead with a story
power of story

Rick’s name, photo and quote is used with written permission from his family.